Research wishlist

We are always looking for new research and partnership opportunities to build capacity and local knowledge.  Below you will find a list of potential research topics we would like to explore in the future.  If you have research that would help contribute to this or would like to partner together in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Research Wishlist

Lac Bay

  • Improved understanding of historical extent of the mangrove forest
  • Improved understanding of native flora composition of adjacent forested areas of Lac Bay
  • Quantify the extent of which proposed solutions (construction of dams, reforestation) help reduce sedimentation of Lac
  • Quantify the impact of fine sediments on the health and regrowth of mangroves


  • Impact of sargassum on mangroves
  • Improved strategies for removing sargassum
  • Heavy metal content and impact of sargassum
  • Sargassum monitoring
  • Contributions of sargassum to eutrophication

Blue Carbon

  • Potential of mangroves for generating carbon credits

Coastal Protection

  • Potential of mangroves for coastal protection

Overall mangrove research

  • Impact on Sustainable Development Goals
  • Impact of Climate Change

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